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The Research Institute for Enhancement of Local Attraction in Japan

A warm welcome to all our partners in the world of travel and tourism.


RIELA is your key point of contact for lesser visited areas in Japan.

If you would like your guests to see a side of Japan away from the crowds –
we are here to help you. Please get in touch!



What does RIELA research?

We research ways for smaller communities to be a part of the booming tourism industry here in Japan.

We help lesser visited areas of Japan thrive and meet their sustainability goals by creating tour products for inbound tourists to showcase rich history and charming traditions.


  • Tailor made tour/trip itineraries for inbound travellers, especially Small Groups and F.I.T. covering all areas of Japan with a focus on: Local – Authentic – Traditional.
    Itineraries can be made from scratch or integrated into your plans. Just ask us!

  • Pre/Post Tour Extensions to complement your existing package tour products.


  • Optional day tours for cruise passengers.

  • Booking of accommodation including hotels, ryokans, minshuku, and Buddhist Temple lodges.


  • Transport by taxi or mini bus.


  • Fully qualified, expert tour guides who specialize in specific areas of Japan.


  • English language materials for self-guided portions of tours prepared by native English speaking staff.
    (Please note: No machine translation is ever used in our materials.)

  • Reservations at craft workshops, restaurants, cultural events, and other attractions.



Full English Name - The Research Institute for Enhancement of Local Attraction in Japan Co., Ltd.

Japanese Name - 株式会社地域魅力づくり研究所     ( Chi-iki Miryoku Zukuri Kenykusho )

Established - August 28th, 2015

Head Office - Higobashi Lucent Building 4F, 1-6-2 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, 550-0003 Japan

License Number - Tour Operator No. 1-49 approved by the Governor of Osaka Prefecture

main areas of business

​​●  Inbound Tour Operations

●  Online Tourism Promotion

●  Tourism Consulting and Development for lesser known areas of Japan

●  Events and Publicity for lesser known areas of Japan

Affiliated Company

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